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DIG IN curriculum provides creative, multisensory teaching that immerses your kids in deep Bible learning, helping them to know Jesus personally and grow in relationship with him.


DIG IN provides your children’s teachers with unparalleled flexibility to build lessons that meet the unique needs for each class’ timing and format. HCKids teachers are able to select and add activities that will engage our kids in the ways they respond best. This means deeper learning that really sticks and ultimately “connecting kids to a relevant gospel.”  DIG IN’s online platform provides our HCKids volunteers with the flexibility they need to build lessons throughout the week. This building block model provides a completely customizable, yet comprehensive lesson without it seeming “choppy” or pieced together.

Each lesson begins with three Activity Blocks  already in place. Opening, Core Bible Discovery, and Life Application Wrap-Up. These three blocks are the essential building blocks and all other blocks reinforce the Bible story learned in Core Bible Discovery.

Here’s a list of all the Activity Blocks available for use in each lesson. Teachers need only to add the ones needed to fit the classroom dynamic as a whole as well as the time available. Nearly two hours of content is available for every lesson!


On occasion you will see this icon to the left here. This icon will direct you to the weekly “DIG IN@HOME” handout that provides families with a resource way to follow up with the week’s teaching as a family which thereby creates deeper bible learning and, again, ultimately “connects kids with a relevant gospel.”

So what is HCKids going to “DIG IN” to now?