Jesus says: “Whoever welcomes a child as I would (in My Name) welcomes Me.”  We welcome you and your children to discover God’s goodness and love here at Harvest Church.


The goal of children’s ministries here at HARVEST is to see children come to know, love and follow Jesus. We believe parents have the awesome role of teaching their children about God and how to live for Him. We want to partner with parents any way we can. We are committed to seeing kids grow in wisdom, to learn how to practice their faith in real life, to discover the true joy in serving and to minister through the power of the Holy Spirit. We do this in an educational and entertaining environment that is safe, friendly, exciting and fun.

HARVEST is a safe, wholesome place for kids. HCKids serves infants through 5th grade. We provide an environment where we enrich minds, but furthermore reach hearts. We are committed to being the safe place where our children are equipped with godly character and provided fun opportunities to transform their world. While we know parents are the most influential factor in a child’s life, HCKids Ministry believes we can partner with parents in their efforts to maximize their child’s experience with their Heavenly Father. We at HCKids understand how important a children’s ministry can be in encouraging and reinforcing the biblical values and teachings taking place in the home.